Finch Restorations: Expert Classic Car Conversions

Explore Finch Restorations' classic car conversion services. Experts in left-hand conversions, electrical upgrades, and customisation for classic & vintage cars
Finch Restorations can perform LHD to RHD conversions on Classic Cars
Finch Restorations can perform LHD to RHD conversions on Classic Cars

Welcome to Finch Restorations: Classic Car Conversions

At Finch Restorations, we blend timeless elegance with modern innovation. Our dedicated team are experts in transforming classic and vintage cars, offering a range of bespoke conversion services. Whether you're looking to adapt to Australian roads with a left-hand to right-hand drive conversion, enjoy the breeze with a hard-top to convertible transformation, or upgrade to a more robust electrical system, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Discover the full spectrum of our services below.

Transform Your Classic Car with Our Expert Conversions

Left-Hand to Right-Hand Drive Conversions

Experience the transformation of your classic car with our expert left-hand to right-hand drive conversions. Tailored for Australian roads, we ensure seamless integration while preserving the vehicle's authentic charm.

Hard-Top to Convertible Conversions

Reimagine your classic car with our bespoke hard-top to convertible conversions. We meticulously craft drophead designs that respect the original aesthetics while offering a fresh, open-air experience.

6-Volt to 12-Volt Electrical System Upgrades

Modernize your classic with our 6-volt to 12-volt electrical system conversions. Enhance reliability and compatibility with contemporary gadgets, ensuring your classic car keeps pace with modern technology.

Advanced Engine and Performance Upgrades

Engine Upgrades and Replacements

Elevate your vehicle's performance with our engine upgrades or complete replacements. From power boosts to efficiency improvements, we match your classic car with the perfect engine solution.

Suspension and Brake System Overhauls

Transform your driving experience with our advanced suspension and brake system upgrades. We blend modern comfort and safety into your classic car's ride.

Modern Comforts in Classic Styles

Transmission and Fuel Injection Conversions

Revolutionize your drive with our modern transmission options and fuel injection systems. Enjoy smoother gear shifts and enhanced fuel efficiency without compromising your vehicle's classic appeal.

Air Conditioning and Custom Interiors

Indulge in comfort with our custom air conditioning installations and bespoke interior refurbishments. Tailored to your preferences, we guarantee a blend of luxury and authenticity.

Safety and Technology for the Modern Era

Integrating Modern Safety Features

Safety meets style in our integration of modern safety features. From discreet seatbelts to advanced airbags, we prioritize your safety while respecting your car's classic design.

Lighting and Sound System Enhancements

Illuminate your journey with our LED lighting upgrades and custom sound system installations. We ensure that these modern amenities complement the car's original aesthetics.

Tailored Services for Every Classic Enthusiast

Wheel and Tire Customization

Complete your classic car's transformation with our custom wheel and tire services. We offer options that enhance both performance and appearance, perfectly aligning with your vehicle's era.

Steering System Upgrades

Enjoy modern ease with our power steering conversions. Experience enhanced control and comfort, seamlessly integrated into your classic car's steering system.

Finch Restorations - Over 55 years in the Fine Art of Automobiles

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