Finch Transport | Treasure Gathering

Discover Finch Restorations' specialised transport services for classic & vintage vehicles. Expert care for interstate, intrastate, and international transport.

Finch Transport | Treasure Gathering

At Finch Restorations, we understand that the journey of restoring your classic or vintage vehicle begins with getting it to our workshop. Whether your cherished vehicle is fully operational or needs a little help to move, we are here to assist. We offer comprehensive transport solutions for your prized possessions, ensuring they arrive at our facility safely and efficiently.

Customised Transport Solutions

We can arrange tailored transport services to meet the unique needs of each vehicle. Whether you're located within the Adelaide region, elsewhere in Australia, or even internationally, we have the capability to arrange safe and secure transport. We collaborate with specialist carriers and logistics experts to ensure that your vehicle receives the utmost care during transit.

Innovative Loading Technology

For vehicles that require extra care due to low clearance or delicate conditions, we can utilise our Hino Hooklift truck. Our dual-cab truck features a flat-laying skid system, allowing us to load your vehicle at a near-zero approach angle. This innovative method minimizes the risk of damage and is ideal for transporting classic cars that demand a gentle touch.

More Than Just Transport

Our transport service is not just about moving your vehicle; it's about starting the restoration journey with confidence. We handle every aspect of the transport process, from initial assessment to final delivery, ensuring that your vehicle is in expert hands every step of the way.

Contact Us

To arrange transport for your vehicle or to learn more about our transport capabilities, please contact us. Let us help you start your restoration journey with Finch Restorations.

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