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1930 Thornycroft A1 Truck
1930 Thornycroft A1 Truck

A 90-year-old Workhorse for its Owners’s Museum


A slight change of pace from many of the projects and restorations we do, this Thornycroft truck was designated to be a museum piece from project start. Owned by the same family business for nearly a century, the 1930 Thornycroft A1 truck is one of only a handful ever brought to Australia from its native England.

The English manufacturer was built coaches, buses, and trucks from 1896 until 1977. Thr truck builder was later owned by British Leyland and created a range of vehicles throughout its existence. This Thornycroft example has resided in Queensland for much of its life. The owner pushed it into a 20-ft shipping container and shipped it to our workshop in the picturesque Adelaide Hills to be transformed.


We often receive vehicles in parts or non-running condition, and this was no different. The chassis was severely corroded and the chassis-rails had been completely rusted through. Repairing the chassis was a significant early activity.

As the Thornycroft was only to be used a static display, the engine and drive-line were not restored to an operating condition. Instead, they were only cosmetically restored esternally.

The truck's owner is a tannery business in Queensland. As a sentimental 'touch', we asked the owner's for hides to upholster the new seats. They eagerly agreed and provides supple kangaroo hides. The results from the combination of the great leather and craftmanship were magnificent.

Post Finch

Recently completed by our team, the Thornycroft was shipped back to its owners in Queensland in a shipping container. Being a display piece in non-running condition, this will now sit in the family business’ museum, showcasing the long history of their leather tannery and the original vehicle that helped make it such a success.

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