1967 Sunbeam Tiger MkII

Question: what do Sir Jack Brabham, Carroll Shelby and Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, have in common? Answer: the Sunbeam Tiger.

In 1962, Jack Brabham proposed to the Rootes Group that the Sunbeam Alpine be fitted with a V8 engine. In turn, Rootes Group approached Carroll Shelby who had performed a similar V8 conversion for the British AC Cobra. The result of Shelby’s subsequent development work was the incredible Sunbeam Tiger powered by a 260, and then later 289, c.i. Ford Windsor engine shoe-horned into the engine bay.

In 1965, the Sunbeam Tiger became well known to audiences in the TV series ‘Get Smart’ where the car was seen in the opening credits driven by Maxwell Smart and fitted with various gadgets such as cannons and machine guns.

Finch has been undertaking some significant mechanical, suspension, exhaust, body and paintwork as several separate projects.  We have therefore been fortunate to see this beautiful car return for additional upgrades multiple times over the last three years.

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