1907 Panhard Levassor U2 Featured

This 1907 Panhard et Levassor U2 Wagonette won the Concours International - Award for Timeless Elegance at the 2011 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance in Connecticut.


The car was restored by Finch & Hocking (now Finch Restorations) circa 1990s. 

The car presently belongs to Admiral J. William Middendorf II - former US Secretary of the Navy, Olympic field hockey judge, Ambassador to the Netherlands, Goldwater campaign treasurer, master’s rowing champion, Grand Chevalier, Grand Master of the Order of Naval Merit, Chairman of Ronald Reagan’s Intelligence Operations Group.

It is believed that the car was in a British museum prior to Admiral Middendorf purchasing it in at a Bonham's auction and shipping it to the United States.

The car has also featured in Hemmings Motor News on several occassions.