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1948 Jaguar 'Mk4' Highway Cruiser 3D CAD Modelling
1948 Jaguar 'Mk4' Highway Cruiser 3D CAD Modelling

1948 Jaguar Mk4 Highway Cruiser

This project is the 'resto-mod' (restoration-modification) of a 1948 Jaguar 3½ Litre ‘Mark IV’ saloon. The owner in Victoria is looking for a comfortable and reliable daily driver and highway cruiser to complement his collection of authentic Jaguar vehicles.

The Ford V8-powered cruiser will deliver greater reliability and maintainability for a daily-drive, while still offering the enjoyment of the classic post-war elegance and graceful styling of Jaguar.

The 'resto-mod' will include upgraded driveline, brakes and suspension as we resurrect the post-WWII Jaguar and bring it into the twenty-first century.

The original 'matching numbers' engine will be retained in the car's garage in case a future custodian wishes to reinstate the original pushrod engine.

Originally painted in 'Suede Green' with a green interior, the Mk4 was delivered new to South Australia on 29 January 1948. Along with all the trappings of the era, the saloon originally includes a 3485cc straight six, four-speed transmission and mechanical brakes.

Jaguar Mk4 Cruiser
The Mk4 as it was after a past incomplete 'father and son' home restoration project.


Project Timeline

The timeline below provides a structured breakdown of the resto-mod project. Please click on each section to read more details and see a related gallery of images.



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