Hillman Motor Car Company was founded in 1907 and was based near Coventry in England. They built bicycles before 1907.

In 1928, Hillman was partly acquired by the Rootes brothers and then merged with Humber. The Rootes brothers increased their holding up to 60 per cent of Humber and then Hillman was switched to manufacturing small cars and became the best known brand within the Rootes empire alongside Humber, Sunbeam and later Singer. Hillman did continue to manufacture large cars until 1937.

In 1967, Chrysler bought Rootes and bought out the other shareholders in Humber. The Hillman marque continued to be used under Chrysler until 1976.

This 1935 Hillman Minx doctor's coupé won the trophy for "Best pre-war Hillman" at the 2012 Hillman National Rally. The owner of this car, Gerald, originally purchased it at the…