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1910 Halley Truck

1910 Halley Chain-Driven Truck (Lorry)

This is the project page for this wonderful Brass-Era / Veteran-Era truck - a 1910 Halley chain-driven lorry - that arrived at Finch Restorations.

Halley Motors was a Scottish manufacturer of trucks (lorries) in Glasgow from 1901 to 1935. They first built steam-driven trucks before changing to petrol-driven in 1906. Halley Motors was very busy supporting the war effort during WW1. However, after the war, the market for new lorries was critically eroded by a flood of low-priced war-surplus vehicles. Halley entered liquidation in 1935 and their assets were purchased by rival Glaswegian company Albion Motors.

This 1910 Halley truck will be gradually restored by Finch Restorations as a non-operational museum piece on behalf of our Northern Territory client - a Trucking Hall of Fame inductee.

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