1959 TR250 Ferrari Testa Rossa Re-Creation

Explore the history of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and Finch Restorations' exquisite 1959 re-creations. Discover the blend of classic charm and modern innovatio
1959 TR250 Ferrari Testa Rossa Re-Creation
1959 TR250 Ferrari Testa Rossa Re-Creation

Rediscovering the Legend: Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

The Dawn of a Racing Icon

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (250 TR), introduced at the end of the 1957 racing season, marked a pivotal moment in automotive history. Adapting to the new rules of the Le Mans and World Sports Car Championships in 1958, which limited engine displacements to 3 litres, Ferrari embarked on a journey of continuous innovation.

A Legacy in the Making

From 1957 to 1961, Ferrari’s commitment to excellence was evident as the 250 TR design evolved dramatically. The significance of each car's unique history and configuration outshone its production year, reflecting a bespoke approach to automotive excellence.

Beyond the Original: The Expansion of a Classic

With only 33 original 250 TRs built, the existence of at least 46 today tells a story of rebirth and restoration, a testament to the enduring allure of these automotive masterpieces.

Finch Restorations: Reviving a Masterpiece

In 2004, Finch Restorations was entrusted with a monumental task: to re-create the 1959 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. Utilising a blend of donor Ferraris and original components, Finch masterfully rebodied these icons, infusing them with a new life while respecting their rich heritage.

The 1959 Transformation: Aerodynamics and Power

The 1959 250 TR was a leap forward with its aerodynamic body and the introduction of disc brakes, marking a new era in Ferrari's design philosophy. Finch’s re-creations, rooted in chassis number s/n 0768 TR, exemplify this groundbreaking year in automotive history.

A Fusion of Art and Engineering

The re-creation process involved meticulous CAD design and handcrafting of aluminium body panels, culminating in vehicles that not only echo the past but also embrace modern performance enhancements.

The early Finch cars were powered with higher displacement engines than the original, for example a 4.4-litre twin cam Ferrari V12 together with a six-speed GETRAG transmission.

The Finch Hallmark: Excellence in Re-creation

Acclaimed by motoring journalist Martin Donnan, the Finch 250 TR re-creations have been heralded as superior even to their original counterparts, earning international acclaim for their unparalleled craftsmanship.

“Perfect in every detail, from the headlight covers through to the hand crafted aluminium body, this TR250 is possibly an even better example of the breed than Ferrari was able to produce itself. A growing number of international clients agree, with the Finch Testarossa being widely lauded as the finest replica of its type in the world.” www.tradeuniquecars.com.au

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