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Finch Restorations is a one-stop-shop for car restoration with 55 years experience in many marques, for all states of Australia and internationally.
1933 Dodge Tourer
1933 Dodge Tourer

A 90-year-old Car with One Family of Owners


It is not that often that you will meet a car that has been in the same family for nine decades. When we first received a call about this lovely 1933 Dodge Tourer, we were immediately interested to learn about its long lineage in New South Wales. It has been under the custodianship of the same family for its entire life. It’s a rare thing, even for us, to restore a vehicle that has not been bought or sold since the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

Despite this, the car fell into a state of disrepair in the 1990s and stayed that way for the next three decades, when we were fortunate enough to be commissioned to restore it to its former glory.


The vehicle was stripped back to its bare metal and the body was first set straight. This involved rust removal, straightening the visibly dented bodywork, and ensuring the chassis was still in good shape.

Being a 1933 car, the engine, albeit old by today’s standards, had held up well through its long life. Our mechanics stripped the engine and sought replacement parts for all those that were unsalvageable, keeping originality in mind and trying to source parts that were of the era. The rest of the motor was cleaned, refurbished, and reassembled, ready to power the car once again.

The paint work is one of the biggest differences between new in 1933 and now. With modern paint technology and our skillful painters, this hardy, two-pack paint will weather far better than its original coat. With added pinstripes, it will keep the car looking even better than it did when new for decades to come.

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