At Finch Restorations, we can help you in identifying and defining your objectives through a series of choices for your vehicle's restoration.

Our Restoration System

Finch Restorations, established in 1965, is Australia's oldest vehicle restoration business. For over 55 years, we have been at the forefront of the vehicle restoration industry. We specialise in the repair and restoration of Veteran to Modern Classic era (1905 to 1990) cars, trucks, and motor-cycles. We are award-winning specialists in performing complete body-off and ground-up restorations.

Our Restoration Gateways

Before commencing on a particular route for restoring, preserving, and/or modifying your vehicle, you need clear objectives. We can help you in identifying and defining those objectives through a series of 'gateway’ choices.

We are happy to quiz you and help you to define your objectives without pressuring you to adopt a particular route. Navigating the 'gateways' below will hopefully chart a ‘route’ to guide you, as a vehicle's present owner/custodian, through a logical sequence of steps to develop a Project Plan.

Your Needs and Our Solutions

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Finch Restoration System - Gateways

Finch Restoration System

Finch Restorations - Over 55 years in the Fine Art of Automobiles

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