WINN2023 Win for Andrea

Finch Restorations' Andrea wins at Women in Innovation Awards for her groundbreaking work in 3D scanning and CAD modelling in classic car restoration.
Andrea has won a WINN2023 Award!

Congratulations to Andrea for winning a Women in Innovation award!

The Finch Restorations team is incredibly proud to announce that Andrea is the winner of the 'Emerging Innovator' category and a finalist in the 'Technology' category at the 'Women in Innovation' awards night. Andrea was recognised for the cutting-edge 3D scanning, reverse-engineering and CAD modelling work for the classic car restoration industry.

Her work bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The incorporation of advanced 3D scanning and modelling has been a boost to our speed and accuracy in designing and manufacturing parts for vehicles.

Examples include creating and fitting seatbelt brackets to cars originally without them, and modelling cylinder heads for reproduction with greater efficiency, safety and accuracy. Andrea has also pioneered a process whereby classic cars with significant accident damage are restored to their original structural integrity and alignment. Her work can be used for the preservation of historical vehicles in museum settings.

The ‘Women in Innovation’ Awards recognises women contributing to the South Australian economy by creating solutions to address challenges utilising technology, engineering, maths and science.

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