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Finch Restorations is a one-stop-shop for car restoration with 55 years experience in many marques, for all states of Australia and internationally.
Future components for Mk4 resto-mod being 3D laser-scanned at Finch Restorations
Future components for Mk4 resto-mod being 3D laser-scanned at Finch Restorations

Mk4 Cruiser - Stage 2 – Mockups

Mocking up through CAD design, using Finch Restorations' 3D laser-scanner, is faster and safer than performing the equivalent activities in the workshop. Andrea, alone, can achieve what may require two or more techicians to achieve through the moving, hoisting, propping, and jigging of heavy and large components.

Andrea, from the Finch Restorations Design and Engineering office, is progressively scanning the main building-block components for the Mk4 Highway Cruiser resto-mod.

The photos in the gallery show Andrea scanning an XJ6 front suspension unit. This will be used by Andrea back in the design office to subsequently digitally compostite and mockup the future vehicle design in a 3D CAD model.

Other images in the gallery show the results of Andrea's handiwork where Andrea has been assembling the building-blocks in the CAD model. These building-blocks include, or will include, the Mk4 resto-mod's chassis, body, front and rear suspensions, steering assembly and column, engine, and tramsmission.


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