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Discover Finch Restorations' cutting-edge 3D scanning for classic cars. Meticulous craftsmanship meets technology to revive and enhance vintage vehicles.
Headers for the engine of a Ford Falcon RPO83 being 3D scanned at Finch Restorations
Headers for the engine of a Ford Falcon RPO83 being 3D scanned at Finch Restorations

Reviving Classic and Historic Vehicles with 3D Scanning Technology at Finch Restorations

At Finch Restorations, we blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to restore and enhance classic and hsitoric vehicles with unparalleled precision and care. Our passionate team is dedicated to reviving the glory of old cars, trucks, and motorcycles, ensuring they leave our shop in pristine condition, ready for the roads or the show.

How Does 3D Scanning for Classic Cars and Vintage Cars Work?

3D scanning the body of a car requires some sophisticated equipment, software, and know-how. The results are nothing short of spectacular. Our process involves:

  • Removing the subject component: Often a component that needs replication will need to be removed from the parent vehicle or assembly to permit the scanner access to all surfaces including the mounting face, as well as interfaces with other components or systems.
  • Preparing the subject vehicle or the subject component to be ready for scanning: Any highly reflective surfaces needing to be present in the final 3D model need to be prepped so that they can be detected by the scanner's optical sensors.
  • Precision Scan: We utilise state-of-the-art scanner technology to create a precise digital copy of the original component or vehicle body. Typically, scans result with many separate digital point clouds being created. A point cloud can contain millions of points in 3D space. Each point cloud needs to overlap other clouds to avoid scanning gaps in the surfaces being mapped.
  • Post-processing: After the physical scanning activity has been completed, post-processing software is used to firstly congeal the various point clouds together, and then create a polygon mesh which ultimately becomes 3D surfaces readable by 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Often these surfaces also need to be retopologised (the process of simplifying the topology of a mesh). It is these digital 3D surfaces that are the product of the scanning effort and which the CAD software can interrogate and interact with.
  • Reverse Engineering: Our designers and craftspeople then use the digital CAD model to craft a new, identical component to maintain the authenticity of your precious vehicle.

Our 3D Scanning Service for Classic Cars

3D Scanning

With our advanced technology, we create digital replicas of vehicle components, building an extensive digital library of components.

CAD Modelling

The digital scans are transformed into highly detailed 3D models by our computer experts, using sophisticated CAD modelling software.

Automotive Reverse Engineering

We meticulously reverse engineer car parts to produce new components that are visually and functionally identical to the original, historical parts.

Why Choose Finch Restorations

Finch’s team includes designers, expert mechanics, electricians and project managers. These same people love cars and are passionate about restoring your favourite machines to working order, looking good and sounding good.

We receive cars from all over Australia to restore. This is how much our team is trusted and revered.

  • Over 55 Years of Experience in Vehicle Restoration: Finch Restorations, established in 1965, is Australia's oldest vehicle restoration business. For nearly six decades, we have been at the forefront of the vehicle restoration industry. We specialise in repairing and restoring Veteran to Modern Classic era (1905 to 1990) cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We are award-winning specialists in performing complete body-off and ground-up restorations.
  • Industry-Leading Restoration System: Finch Restorations are award-winning total restoration project specialists. We have been at the forefront of authentic vehicle restorations for over 55 years. If we cannot source authentic parts from our vast network of suppliers and enthusiasts, then we will build the parts from factory drawings or use our 3D scanning technology.

Meet our 3D Scanning Expert

Andrea is our 3D scanning and CAD modelling superhero. Winner of the Emerging Innovator category at the 2023 Women In Innovation (WINN) South Australia for her work in 3D scanning, we are incredibly lucky to have Andrea on our team doing such amazing work.

Andrea's major achievement at the 2023 Women in Innovation Awards


What is reverse engineering in the automotive industry?

Reverse engineering is a process in which the vehicle component or structure is deconstructed to extract design information from them. This process becomes essential for replacing obsolete components where no spares exist any longer. We use our scanning technologies to gather highly precise dimensional data from the disassembled item.

How much does it cost to have a part 3D scanned?

In terms of costs to 3D scan a car, our charge rates are:

  • $270 for scanning services ex gst
  • $220 for CAD (post-processing) ex gst
  • $270 for engineering services ex gst

How long does it take to fully 3D Scan a car or its components?

It typically takes 6 to 8 hours to fully scan a car. A car with a dull or rusty (old) patina is quicker to scan as the laser can read the panels more easily! It can take an hour to scan an engine in situ, and 3d scanning car components generally take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes each.

After scanning, there is also post-processing time to convert the spatial data into a file readable by CAD software.

Can 3D scanning detect underlying issues?

Yes, 3D scanning can reveal hidden problems such as internal cracks or areas of wear that are not visible to the naked eye, helping in preventive maintenance and repairs.

Is 3D scanning safe for my vehicle?

Absolutely. 3D scanning is a non-invasive, non-destructive process that safely captures the dimensions and details of your vehicle without any risk of damage.

Applying the Latest Technology to Classic Car Restorations

If you want your prized automobile in safe and secure hands, you want Finch Restorations. We tailor a restoration package to suit your time and budget. If a replacement part cannot be found, using our 3D scanning technology, we can generally create one for you by reverese engineering the original.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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