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Finch offers Premier Restoration Services to Melbourne and country Victoria.

Finch offers Premier Restoration Services to Melbourne and country Victoria

Searching for ways to preserve your vintage or classic vehicle? Contact Finch Restorations. We provide vehicle restoration services throughout Australia.

Finch Restorations: About Us

Finch Restorations has a simple - but clear - message: provide superior classic car restoration services to Melbourne and country Victoria. Our dedicated team of craftsmen embraces full-body fabrications, carefully revitalising every vehicle. They combine marque expertise with custom part creation, ensuring premium results.

They also recognise the importance of heirloom vehicles. This is why clients in Victoria now emphasise body-off restorations - our specialty.

Finch Restorations: The Body-Off Process

Preserving every chrome-covered line once proved difficult. Changes to the restoration process, however, now promise longevity. We’re proud to offer a body-off format, which encompasses:

  • Removal and grit blasting of both body and chassis.
  • Rotisserie painting of both body and chassis.
  • Refurbishment of chassis (including brake lines, fuel lines, or exhaust lines).
  • Refurbishment of all mechanical parts (including electrical systems and wiring looms).
  • Full relining of both interior panels and hood.
  • Full replacement of window seals and door seals.
  • Full seat re-upholstery.
  • Refurbishment of dashboard.
  • Refurbishment of instrumentation.

These steps combine for superior classic car restorations for Melbourne and beyond.

Finch Restorations: Resto-Mods

To further improve the body-off process our classic car restorations also feature custom services. Choose from a variety of options, including:

  • New or refurbished engines (including diesel or petrol).
  • Installation of disc brakes.
  • Installation of dual circuit systems.
  • Installation of air-conditioning and heating units.
  • Installation of stereo units.
  • Installation of seat belts.
  • ... and more.

These options allow vintage cars to better adapt to modern roads. They also ensure that each vehicle can be enjoyed for years to come (rather than remaining tucked away in a garage). To learn more about custom classic car restoration in Australia, contact us today.


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