Jaguar Mk2 by Finch Restorations
1930 Thornycroft A1 Truck by Finch Restorations
1960 Morris J-Van by Finch Restorations
1912 Wesson Motorcycle by Finch Restorations
Pontiac GTO 4000 at Finch Restorations
E-Type Jaguar at Finch Restorations
Landcruiser FJ40 by Finch Restorations
Jaguar XK 4.2 litre engine by Finch Restorations
Jaguar Mk2 by FInch Restorations
1960 Corvette C1 at Finch Restorations
1957 Dodge Royal  at Finch Restorations
1933 Dodge Tourer at Finch Restorations
1928 Dodge Flying Four at Finch Restorations
E-Type Jaguar at Finch Restorations
1974 Morgan Plus 8 Super Light by FInch Restorations
Slide 01 - Car Restorations

Car Restorations

Slide 02 - Truck Restorations

Truck Restorations

Slide 03 - Commercial Restorations

Commercial Restorations

Slide 04 - Motorcycle Restorations

Motorcycle Restorations

Slide 05 - 3D Scanning & 3D Design

3D Scanning & 3D Design

Slide 06 - Premium Car Storage

Premium Car Storage

Slide 11 - Body and Rust Repairs

Body and Rust Repairs

Slide 12 - Engine and Mechanicals

Engine and Mechanicals

Slide 13 - Upholstery and Timber

Upholstery and Timber

Slide 25 - Classic Era Restorations

Classic Era Restorations

Slide 34 - Post-War Era Restorations

Post-War Era Restorations

Slide 33 - Pre-War Era Restorations

Pre-War Era Restorations

Slide 32 - Vintage Era Restorations

Vintage Era Restorations

Slide 31 - Veteran Era Restorations

Veteran Era Restorations

Slide 10 - Sports Cars

Sports Cars

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Finch Restorations
Australia's Premier Restoration Firm

Award-Winning Excellence

Award-Winning Excellence

Established in 1965, Finch Restorations is Australia's oldest and largest vehicle restoration and coachbuilding business.

We are award-winning total restoration specialists.

We specialise in the complete body-off, ground-up restoration of Veteran to Modern-Classic era (1890-1990) cars, trucks, and motor-cycles.

We can deliver highly authentic restorations, authentic reproductions, complex upgrades and modifications ("resto-mods"), and preserve heritage and patinaed vehicles.

Discover a legacy built on passion, precision, and unparalleled expertise.

With skills, precision, and traditions refined by time, while embracing the spirit of ingenuity that drives the wheels of progress and craftmanship, Finch Restorations has been the exemplar in car restoration since 1965. With six decades of dedication, our hands have preserved history, project by project.

– Finch Restorations –



Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, our team embodies a fusion of skilled craftsmanship and engineering...

Read more: Car Restorations

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Finch Restorations has the workshop capacity and infrastructure to be able to handle larger and...

Read more: Truck Restorations

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Finch Restorations can restore, repair, and modify your classic motorcycle. Many of our...

Read more: Motorcycle Restorations


Time Travelling Automotive Alchemists

At Finch Restorations, we specialise in the complete body-off, ground-up restoration of Veteran to Modern-Classic era (1890-1990) cars, trucks, and motor-cycles. Younger, post-1990, 'special' projects may be considered through consultation.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of all aspects of the restoration process. Our workshops are equipped with the technologies, tools, and equipment to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards.

Our design office is equipped with 21st century, state of the art, 3D laser scanning capability. With qualified staff, we can reverse engineer parts where replacement parts are not obtainable.

We also offer a range of coachbuilding services in both metal and timber.
For example, our coachbuilt 1938 SS Jaguar 100 ("SS100") is a highly authentic reproduction.

Finch Restorations' Portfolio by Era


1 One-Stop-Shop
Coachbuilding to Engine Shop
to Trim Shop, we cover all bases.
60 Years Experience in
Preserving Classic Cars
>750 Years of Combined
Staff Experience
100% Australian States & Territories
We support clients across
Australia and Internationally.

Finch Restorations One-Stop Shop
All Your Vehicle Restoration Needs,
Under One Roof


Finch Workshops

Intro Image
As the vehicle is disassembled, the removed parts are assessed, catalogued and stored.
Intro Image
We can undertake timber coachwork repairs, rebuilds and new-builds. We can manufacture timber body-frames using high quality timber.
Intro Image
Welcome to the Panel Shop at Finch Restorations, where decades of wear and tear meet unparalleled craftsmanship. Our dedicated team specializes in restoring and remanufacturing vehicle panels,...
Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, we don't just paint vehicles; we breathe new life into them. Our Paint Shop, renowned for its excellence in vehicle refinishing, is where classic charm meets modern...
Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, we are experts in the meticulous restoration of timber dashboard and interior timber trims for classic cars. Understanding the impact of sun, moisture, and wear, our Veneer...
Intro Image
We have rebuilt rare inline-eight engines from the 1920s, through to engines in modern classics requiring resourcefulness to track down elusive parts around the world.
Intro Image
Our machine shop can repair or remanufacture replacements for broken or coroded vehicle parts.
Intro Image
We can manufacture new frame-chassis or repair crash-damaged and rusted chassis.
Intro Image
Discover the art of vehicle interior restoration with Finch Restorations Trim Shop. Our expert team combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to rejuvenate and customize the...
Intro Image
Our assembly shop is where vehicles come together as we progress vehicles into the final stages of a restoration project.
Intro Image
When it comes to keeping your car in pristine condition, regular car washes and occasional waxing may not be enough. That's where automotive detailing comes in. This specialised service,...
Intro Image
Welcome to Finch Restorations Bike Shop – the premier destination for restoring and revitalising vintage and classic motorcycles. With a legacy of excellence and a passion for two-wheeled history,...

Finch Engineering Services

Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, we understand that restoring a classic or vintage car is a journey not just of restoration but of passion and precision. Our dedicated Project Management Office ensures every...
Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, we blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to restore and enhance classic and hsitoric vehicles with unparalleled precision and care. Our...
Intro Image
With a 3D Car Buck you can create the body of a car and take it to the finished article, all without having to go to expensive material costs.

Finch Support Services

Intro Image
The Finch Studio is an inspirational studio where classic cars and motorcycles can be professionally photographed in a blackwall space.
Intro Image
At the Finch Garage, we cater to enthusiasts of classic, luxury, vintage, exotic, muscle, and sports cars. Our facility in Hindmarsh, South Australia, is designed to offer secure and comprehensive...
Intro Image
At Finch Restorations, we understand that the journey of restoring your classic or vintage vehicle begins with getting it to our workshop. Whether your cherished vehicle is fully operational or...

Finch Coachworks

Intro Image
Elegant Artistry: The SS100 Jaguar Recreation by Finch Restorations Client's brief for our latest SS100 build (image supplied) The SS100 Jaguar is one of the most beautiful sports cars ever...
Intro Image
The Evolutionary SS120 - Coachbuilt by Finch SS120 by Finch What if SS100 production had not been interrupted by World War II? William Lyons was developing the successful series of SS90 and SS100...
Intro Image
Period Special Coachbuilding For over thirty years, Finch Restorations has built re-manufactured Period Specials including Group Jb and Group Kb racing and sports cars from the Vintage, Pre-War, and...

Finch Portfolio by Marque

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