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Protect Your SA Toys! Finch Restorations Offers Premium Services to Adelaide, Mount Barker, and the Rest of Australia.

The game of life is measured in chrome - and you play to win. Throughout the years you’ve amassed a collection of vintage vehicles, earning the admiration of your fellow drivers. That admiration will quickly sour, however, in the wake of rusted undercarriages and dented panelling.

Searching for vintage car restoration services in Adelaide, Mount Barker, and beyond? Finch Restorations delivers premium results. Contact us today!?

Finch Restorations: About Us

In 1965 Ray Finch - an English transplant and General Motors apprentice - had a simple idea: provide repair services to the SA region, helping drivers maintain their engine qualities and fuel efficiencies. This idea has since shifted into restorations and remanufacturing, with the Finch team offering specialised support to all of Australia.

Finch Restorations serves as the premier vintage car restoration company in SA and beyond. We embrace quality, precision, and total-body repairs. This makes us the right choice to protect your classic toys.

Vintage Car Restoration in Australia: Our Services

Unlike traditional body shops - which only emphasise paint-and-panel techniques - Finch Restorations delivers full-body transformations. Through custom services and in-house engineering we carefully restore every chassis, ensuring superior results. Those needing vintage car restorations in SA and beyond will experience:


  • Wood frame creation.
  • Wooden buck creation.
  • Interior woodworking.

We perform all woodworking services in-house and utilise only the best materials (such as oak, ash, and mahogany).


  • Mild-steel fabrication.
  • Aluminium fabrication.
  • Stainless steel fabrication.

We complete all metalworking services in-house. Consumers may also request custom ladder chassis, space frames, exhaust systems, roll cages, or semi-space frames.


  • Two-Pac painting.
  • Enamel painting.
  • Acrylic painting.

To ensure authentic vintage car restorations in Adelaide, we utilise a downdraft bake technique. This promises longevity, durability, and a high-shine finish.


  • Emblem creation.
  • Post creation.
  • Frame creation.
  • Handle creation.
  • Badge creation.
  • Fixing creation.
  • Sump creation.
  • Bell-housing creation.
  • ... and more.

Achieving exceptional vintage car restoration in SA requires equally exceptional casting. Finch Restorations can cast almost any part, including speciality items. Through these services - as well as in-house CAD and prototyping - you receive custom results for your custom cars.

Vintage Car Restoration in Australia: Our Showroom

Curious about our manufacturing process? Visit Our Showroom Page. There discover images of our best work - including a 1907 Panhard Levassor, a 1939 SS-100, a 1949 KB 7 International, and even a 1959 Ferrari Testa Rossa. These images highlight both our premium services and our diverse specialities (including coupes, pickups, and fastbacks).

Invest in Quality. Contact us for all Vintage car Restoration Needs in Australia.

For over fifty years Finch Restorations has served as the leading authority on vintage cars, classic saloon cars, and sports cars. It emphasises total-restoration packages, blending fabrication with repairs. This helps to maintain the integrity of every vehicle. To learn more about the vintage car restoration process in Adelaide, Mount Barker and beyond, contact us today.