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Want to Restore Your Vintage Car? Finch Restorations Serves Adelaide, Mount Barker, and the Entire SA Region

Not all vintage cars are equal. The smallest of details separate them – faded trimwork, improper alignments, the lack of an acrylic finish – and these details often determine which car earns a place in the showroom and which remains in the garage. Meticulous repairs are necessary to transform a vintage car into a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Finch Restorations understands this need for quality repair, which is why we now provide an exclusive Collector’s Service. This delivers museum-ready results, transforming every vehicle from a classic into a showstopper. Searching for vintage car restoration options in Australia? Contact us today!

Finch Restorations: About Us

Serving the SA region since 1965, Finch Restorations provides superior remanufacturing. Through in-house fabrication and engineering, we strive to capture the beauty of every chassis, and our diverse skills (including metalworking, woodworking, and two-pac painting) promise exceptional results. We connect Adelaide drivers to vintage car restorations.

We also understand the importance of showroom displays, which is why our Collector’s Service proves so vital to collectors. We cover every SA vintage car restoration from basic touch-ups to full-body repairs.

The Collector’s Service: Choosing Vintage car Restoration in Australia

Entering a show requires more than paperwork and registration fees. Preparation is also needed in the form of a SA vintage car restoration. To help each driver achieve pristine results, we now offer a Collector’s Service. The initial process includes:

  • Grit blasting of both body and chassis.
  • Repairs (including cracks, rust, or broken welds) of both body and chassis.
  • Rotisserie painting.
  • Installation of new or refurbished brake lines, fuel lines, and exhaust lines.
  • Installation of new or refurbished electrical systems and wiring looms.
  • Replaced or restored hood linings.
  • Replaced or restored seat upholstery.
  • Refurbished dashboard and instrumentations.
  • Refurbished or restored seals (including all windows and doors).

Phase One of the Collector’s Service rejuvenates every chassis, ensuring that all Adelaide vintage car restoration efforts meet the highest standards. To exceed those standards our customers choose Phase Two:

  • Door alignments.
  • Panel alignments.
  • Paintwork (including two-pac, enamel, and acrylic: all applied with a downdraft finish).
  • Brightwork.
  • Timber-frame reconstruction.
  • Trimwork.

Through this process, drivers see their cars transform into masterpieces. Each vehicle is carefully restored to its original manufacturer specs, embracing the past with bright chrome and bold designs.

The Collector’s Service: Scheduling Vintage car Restoration in Australia

The Collector’s Service is a meticulous and lengthy process. It often requires months to complete, with the Finch Restorations’ team devoting themselves to countless repairs and reconfigurations. Therefore, don't expect fast results, and remember that quality always takes time.

Our Showroom

Want to see the results of our Collector’s Service? Visit our Showroom Page! There, find a comprehensive list of our SA vintage car restorations, including a 1935 Hillman Minx, a 1954 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, and a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.

Want a Collector’s Service Consultation? Contact Finch Restorations Today!

Adelaide vintage car restoration requires patience, precision, and perfected techniques. Finch Restorations offers all three, delivering superior results with our Collector’s Service. To learn more about this process, contact us today.