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Searching for Truck Restoration Services? Finch Restorations Offers Superior Repair Packages to Adelaide and the Rest of South Australia

Rugged landscapes demand rugged vehicles. This is why South Australia's rangelands seem forever dotted with pick-ups, flatbeds, and other hardy vehicles. These trucks have served as the ultimate utility options, withstanding every challenge and dominating every mile; and for this service they now deserve some classic care. Searching for truck restoration services in Adelaide, Chapel Hill, and beyond? Finch Restorations delivers comprehensive repair and refurbishment packages. Contact us today!

Finch Restorations: About Us

Since 1965, Finch Restorations has served as the leading car, cycle, and truck restoration service in SA. Through in-house engineering and CAD designs we promise superior results. Our expansive workshop allows us to easily and efficiently handle even the largest projects such as commercial vehicles, military vehicles, or speciality vehicles. Our team also boasts experience with all major marque specifications.

We provide sterling truck restoration services to all of Australia. We also promise custom programs, with our company offering three levels of care. Customers may now choose the right options for their specific needs.

Finch Restorations: Our Truck Services

To achieve premium truck restorations in Adelaide, Mount Barker, and beyond we offer three distinct programs:

Body-On-Chassis - Body-On-Chassis (or Level I Restoration) provides basic improvements, such as: engine rebuilds, mechanical system rebuilds, disk brake installations, panel relinings, and seal replacements. It demands the least amount of time, allowing drivers to quickly return to the roads.

Body-Off-Chassis - Body-Off-Chassis (or Level II Restoration) offers meticulous care. All trucks are grit-blasted, rotisserie painted, and then fully refurbished: including repairs to their brake lines, fuel lines, exhaust lines, wiring looms, and more. This ranks among the most comprehensive truck restoration services in SA, making it perfect for heirloom preservations or show entries.

Collector’s Service - The Collector’s Service (or Level III Restoration) is an extension of the Body-Off-Chassis option. It involves more precise brightwork, trimwork, timber-frame improvements, door alignments, and paintwork. Every detail is finely tuned, ensuring manufacturer-worthy results. This truck restoration service is usually applied to museum pieces or show-bound vehicles.

With these unique packages, customers have even more options to address their restoration needs.

Curious About Truck Restorations in Adelaide, Australia, and Beyond? Request a Consultation!

Finch Restorations understands that our customers' restoration needs are diverse, and offers a diverse range of services to meet those needs. Each package boasts a variety of options and scheduling demands, which can sometimes prove confusing for potential customers. To counter that confusion, request a consultation. Our experienced team will be happy to provide more information about Level I, Level II, and Level III packages. This is a free, no-obligation service. Call us today - (08) 8398 2332 - to arrange an appointment or visit us at 11 Oborn Road, Mount Barker, SA 5251, South Australia.

Need Truck Restoration Services? Contact Us!

Every customer is unique. Every customer’s truck restoration plan, therefore, must also be unique. To learn about our custom packages as well as our in-house production techniques, contact us today.