Historic Registration - Club Registration

Left-hand to Right-hand conversion of a 1965 Mustang dashboard underway by Finch

From 1 July 2017, South Australian legislative restrictions were removed on historic and left-hand vehicles being modified from their original design. Now historic and left-hand drive vehicles can be modified. Finch have highly skilled old-school mechanics who can perform any of the following potential modifications to historic and left-hand vehicles:

  • Minor cosmetic changes, such as body colour and accessories.
  • Engine replacements.
  • Replacing an engine with one that is greater in capacity.
  • Chassis modifications.
  • Body modifications.
  • Wheel tub modifications.
  • Conversions to convertibles.
  • Fitting bonnet pins.
  • Fitting originally equipped mascots.
  • Bonnet scoops.
  • Bull bars.
  • Half roll cages.
  • Tilt fronts.
  • Spoilers and wheel guard flares.
  • Fitting a turbocharger or supercharger.
  • Exhaust system alterations.
  • Additional fuel filters.
  • Replacement fuel pumps.
  • Replacement or additional fuel tanks.
  • Fitting of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps as high beam headlamps or driving lamps.
  • Fitting additional instruments or visual display screens.
  • Fitting additional or replacement seats.
  • Fitting additional or replacement seat belts.
  • Brake upgrades.*
  • Steering conversions, including left to right hand conversions.*
  • Suspension modifications, including adjustable coil-over suspension.*

* Note: modifying brakes, steering and suspension should only be carried out by qualified persons such as Finch mechanics.

Some modifications may, or may not, require a report from a Light Vehicle Engineering Signatory (LVES) which Finch can arrange.

Please contact us to discuss your historic registration / club registration needs.


In South Australia, the Club Registration Scheme operates for historic, left hand drive and street rod vehicles that meet criteria of the regulations. This is a ‘conditional registration’ scheme and applies to a range of motor vehicles which are not for everyday use. Reduced fees are payable in recognition of their limited use, being less than 90 days per annum.

Under South Australian legislation, a motor vehicle must be right-hand drive or have obtained an exemption as a left-hand drive vehicle that is 30 years of age or older as from 1 January of the year of vehicle manufacture.

A left-hand drive vehicle must comply with requirements pertaining to:

  • Left and right-hand side external mirrors.
  • Headlamps.
  • Parking lights.
  • Indicators.
  • Reflectors.
  • Seat belts and seat belt anchorages (changes may require a report from a Light Vehicle Engineering Signatory).