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Looking for Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Alfa Romeo Specialists in Australia? Contact Finch Restorations Today!

Speciality cars demand speciality care. However, too often do drivers find themselves faced with repair-by-replacement philosophies from mechanics, with every casing, trim piece, and timber-frame tossed away rather than restored. Modern shops lack the skills (and the patience) to restore classic engines, and this proves all-too-frustrating for those in need of precision.

Finch Restorations understands this frustration. This is why we now offer Rolls Royce restorations, Bentley restorations, and Alfa Romeo restorations to the SA region and beyond.

Finch Restorations: About Us

Since 1965, Finch Restorations has delivered sterling repairs and fabrications to the SA area. Our diverse services, which include woodworking, custom casting, and even in-house steel jig creation, allow us to perform body-on and body-off refurbishments. This ensures custom results. These results extend to Rolls Royce drivers, Bentley drivers, and Alfa Romeo drivers. We specialise in vintage luxury vehicles, helping to preserve the past with total-body care.

Finch Restorations: Our Services

Finch Restorations services a variety of luxury options. These include:

Rolls Royce Restoration - In 1906, Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce introduced the world to exceptional quality and design. The Rolls Royce Limited Company emphasised turn-of-the-century style, utilising silver fittings, aluminium trims, and embroidered leather interiors. This combined with dynamic six-cylinder engines to create (then) record-breaking speeds. Its signature cars - including the Phantom, the Silver Ghost, and the Wraith - remain popular even now.

To capture the beauty of the Rolls Royce line Finch Restoration delivers full-body support, including: engine refurbishments, mechanical system replacements, brightwork, custom castings, and more.

Bentley Restorations - Founded in 1919 Bentley Motors Limited - owned originally by Rolls Royce before being later acquired by Volkswagen - proved an unexpected combination of high speeds and luxury interiors. Its original models were circuit performers, snatching titles across Great Britain and the United States. Certain style trends (such as custom coachwork and extended saloon configurations) soon developed, however, and the brand gained a luxury following. Many models, like the Mark VI and the R-Type, prove popular even today.

To elevate Bentleys to today’s standard, Finch Restorations performs extensive body-off procedures, including: disk brake installations, petrol engine refurbishments, grit blasting, and more.

Alfa Romeo Restoration

In 1910, Alfa Romeo Automobiles arrived, bringing Milanese style to the world. This luxury brand, which embraced ponton curves, plated fixings, and double-bubble roofs, stunned the world with its innovative designs. Forays into racing also ensured speed, sending models like the 1900 and the 8C to the top of the charts. Finch Restorations appreciates the classic styling of the Alfa Romeo brand. We seek to preserve it through panel replacements, seal replacements, dashboard refurbishments, and more.

Searching for Rolls Royce Restoration Services, Bentley Restoration Services, and More in SA? Contact Us!

Maintaining luxury brands demands patience, expertise, and an appreciation of history. Finch Restorations boasts all three. To learn more about our Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Alfa Romeo restoration options contact us today.