Classic Car Restorations

Finch Restorations has decades of experience in restoring classic cars, and offers three levels of restoration for classic cars.

Level I: Body on Chassis Restoration

For those not seeking the time and expense of a full Level II or III restoration, a Level I restoration may be right for you and your classic car.

At Level I, the engine and mechanical systems of your classic vehicle are rebuilt or replaced. Your classic car is then given a new paint job, saving money by stopping short of a complete strip down, blasting, rust removal, chassis straightening, and full rotisserie chassis and body paint job.

With a Level I restoration you’re able to enjoy many more years of reliable service from your classic car.

Level I Classic Car Restorations are perfect for:

  • Promoting a business.
  • Touring and club runs.

Optionally, a new or refurbished engine, disk brakes and modern dual circuit brake systems can be installed to improve your classic car towards modern performance standards. You can also have the options of including air-conditioning, heating, stereo, electric wipers, seat belts, relining interior door panels, relining the hood, replacing old worn out door window/weather seals, adding a vinyl roof, reupholstering seats, refurbishing the dashboard and instrumentation, and more.


Level II: Complete Body-off Restoration

Level II restorations are for those who want to preserve a vehicle for posterity, giving it a new lease on life with modern, durable primers and paints that will ensure the chassis and body will last for decades to come. Your car is brought back as close as possible to original manufacturer's specifications.

The body of your vintage car is removed from the chassis and both are grit-blasted. They are then inspected for cracks, broken welds and rust problems which can have a detrimental effect on vehicle longevity, handling and safety if not found and repaired. The principle is similar for a monocoque car body, where the body is stripped and blasted before inspection.

The chassis and each panel of your classic car is then either repaired or replaced. The body and chassis are then rotisserie painted.

The exposed chassis provides the opportunity to easily install new or refurbished brake, fuel and exhaust lines for increased safety and reliability, and to clearly see if any bolts, nuts or clips need replacement. 

All mechanical aspects of your classic car are replaced or refurbished. The electrical system and wiring looms may optionally be replaced new for old.

Your classic car's interior door panels and hood lining will be relined (or retained for the old patina at customer request), old worn out door window/weather seals are replaced or rejuvenated, seats upholstered, the dashboard and instrumentation refurbished, and more.

The end result is an investment to be handed from generation to generation.

Level II Classic Car Restorations are perfect for:

  • Preserving family heirloom vehicles.
  • Museum pieces.
  • Promoting a business.
  • Entering car shows.
  • Drawing crowds.

Level II body-off/complete restorations are more expensive as they take much more time, effort and space to achieve. Although it is easier to restore a chassis and body separately, body-off restorations usually require a few extra months to complete compared to body-on restorations for the simple reason that there's so much more time-consuming work to be done.

Optionally, a new or refurbished diesel or petrol engine, disk brakes and modern dual circuit brake systems can be installed to improve your classic car towards modern performance standards. You can also have the options of including air-conditioning, heating, stereo, electric wipers, seat belts, and more.


Level III: Collector's Restoration

Level III restorations are for those looking for a true piece of art and a collector’s showpiece guaranteed to be revered for decades. Meticulous care is spent on every aspect of your classic car.

When your classic vehicle originally left the factory, its quality would have reflected the commercially acceptable standard of a vehicle of its era - and was likely mass-produced. A Level III restoration will take your vehicle to a higher standard than original, with fastidous attention paid to door and panel alignment, extremely high-detailed paintwork and brightwork, and exceptional timber and trimwork.

Level III Classic Car Restorations are perfect for:

  • Museum pieces.
  • Entering car shows.
  • Drawing crowds.


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Everything you need to make your car look new again is done by qualified people who care. Whether it is a restoration project as a hobby or a commercial vehicle, small or big job on general wear and tear, rust removal or replacing/repairing body parts, retrimming, new timberwork or mechanical and electrical refurbishment.

Anyone with a potential classic car restoration is invited to call Finch Restorations for an obligation free consultation to discuss the potential costs and timeframe. We are qualified and professional people, with both trade and professional engineering qualifications, and we care about you and your vehicle. We will come to visit your vehicle and discuss your options with you and make recommendations that allow you to choose the amount of restoration you require to suit your needs and budget.


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