Paint Shop

We are able to offer our customers any finish they require on their vehicle:

  • Two Pack
  • Enamel
  • Acrylic

We utilise a full down-draught Seetal paint booth oven to assure a quality product.

Many customers wish for the stability of the two pack finish, but require for authenticity the look of an acrylic finish - we are able to offer this service. We also offer pin-striping/coach-lines.

Our paint of choice is the Glasurit range of products. These products offer excellent paint adhesion, excellent life expectancy and excellent colour match. We are also able to paint a customer's car in any product range they may specify.

We offer a full range of rust proofing services including cavity waxing inside of panels, seam-sealing, and stone-goarding the underside of vehicles.

Using the Glasurit paint matching system, we can mix and supply pots of paint for DIY touch-ups, as well as sell clears and primers.

We offer full paint protection services including full cutting and polishing, paint conditioning and waxing.

We can also apply hard-wearing tray-liners.