Carburettor Services

E type Jaguar SU carburettorsAt Finch Restorations, we repair, recondition and overhaul carburettors, mechanical fuel pumps and ignition distributors. We can carry out on-vehicle or off-vehicle overhauls of carburettors. We specialise in pre-1980s carburettors for early makes and models of American, Australian, English, German, Italian and other European vehicles. We also overhaul marine carburettors.

In addition, we carry out engine tune-ups, pre-purchase inspections, safety checks and servicing for your vehicle. We can diagnose fuel system problems and perform conversions and re-jet carburettors to suit modified vehicles.

We can collect your car, truck, motor-cycle or boat to bring it to our workshop and then return it after servicing. Our services are available to the professional repairer and to car, truck, bike and boat owners.

Carburettors for Land and Marine Vehicles

We can service Veteran, Brass / Edwardian, Vintage, Pre-War, War era, Post-War, and Classic vehicles. Vehicles can include cars, trucks, motorcycles, carts, marine inboard and outboard motors and boats.

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Carburettor Brands

E type Jaguar SU carburettorsWith over 20 years of experience, we can service most brands of carburettors:

  • AMAL- U.K. carburettors for motorcycles and light industrial engines
  • Autolite - U.S. carburettors
  • Ball & Ball - U.S. carburettors
  • Bendix Stromberg
  • Bendix - U.S. carburettors used on Chrysler, International Harvestor, Ford, GM, AMC, and Studebaker
  • Bing - carburettors used on motorcycles and boats
  • Carter - U.S. carburettors used on Chrysler, International Harvestor, Ford, GM, AMC, and Studebaker and on industrial and agricultural equipment
  • Dell'Orto - Italian carburettors used on cars and motorcycles
  • Edelbrock - U.S. performance carburettors
  • Hitachi - Japanese carburettors
  • Holley - U.S. carburettors
  • Keihin - Japanese carburettors
  • Lectron Fuel Systems - U.S. carburettors
  • Magneti Marelli - Italian carburettors
  • Marvel Schebler - tractor carburettors
  • Mikuni - Japanese motorcycle carburettors
  • Reece Fish - Volkswagen, Austin Mini, and Morris Mini carburettors
  • Rochester - U.S. carburettors1982 Rochester Quad Jet Carburettor
  • Solex - French carburettors
  • Stromberg - U.K. carburettors
  • SU carburettors - U.K. carburettors
  • Tillotson - carburettors for small engines
  • Villiers - UK motorcycle and small engine carburettors
  • Walbro - carburettors for small engines
  • Weber - Italian/Spanish carburettors
  • Zenith - U.K. carburettors used on Austin, Mercedes, Vauxhal, Dodge¬†and many other cars