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Searching for Restoration Services? Finch Restorations Specialises in Mercedes, Jaguar, and MG Vehicles

Expendability defines the automotive world, with parts constantly traded in or tossed away. Repair shops measure success in speed, and adequacy replaces quality. The cars - and the services - prove disposable, and few options remain for drivers in need of extensive support.

Finch Restorations is one of those options. Our team rejects the paint-and-panel philosophy, choosing instead to specialise in Mercedes restoration, Jaguar restoration, and MG restoration. We embrace total-body repairs and reconstructions, bringing drivers in the SA region superior results.

Finch Restorations: About Us

Finch Restorations has served as Australia’s premier re-manufacturer since 1965. We strive toward full-body repairs through a series of in-house techniques (such as woodworking, metalworking, and casting). These techniques allow us to embrace factory standards and improve every vehicle. We also rank among the leading international restorers. We boast extensive marque experience (including Mercedes, Jaguar, and MG) and have mastered both on-body and off-body repairs.

Finch Restorations: Our Specialities

To provide our customers with the services they need Finch Restorations offers a variety of specialities. These include:

Mercedes Restoration - Since 1926, Mercedes-Benz (established after the historic merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, innovators of the petrol engine) has dominated the automotive world. Its dynamic mechanics and sophisticated styling prove impossible to deny, and its vehicles - including the SSK, the Mannheim 350, the 170S, and the 600 - remain staples of the national and international markets.

Finch Restorations understands the delicacy of the Mercedes brand. Our team has completed multiple repairs on these cars, including chassis straightening, mechanical system replacements, and extensive brightwork.

Jaguar Restoration - Since 1922, Jaguar - originally named the Swallow Sidecar Company - has defined luxury. It’s a brand steeped in pre-war opulence and post-war innovation, applying mass production to hydraulic technologies, twin overhead camshaft configurations, and more. Its signature vehicles (including the XK120, the Mark 2, and the E-Type) remain popular even today.

Finch Restorations is particularly acquainted with the Jaguar brand, having created a replica of the SS-100. Through in-house engineering and superior steel creation we allow our customers to build this model to company specs.

MG Restoration - Founded in 1924, MG embraced two-seater styling, delivering a series of sports cars to the post-war public. The roadster line-up - which included the MG M-Type, the MG P-Type, and the MGA - promised high speeds and open-road adventures, earning admiration throughout the world. The company remains in limited production today.

Finch Restorations understands the allure of the MG roadster, and our team is thoroughly experienced with the maintenance it requires. We provide full-body preservations (including panel alignments, wiring loom replacements, and timber-frame reconstructions).

Searching for Mercedes Restoration Services, Jaguar Restoration Services, and More in Australia? Contact Us!

International engines demand precision. Finch Restorations delivers that as the leading provider of Mercedes, Jaguar, and MG restorations. To learn more about our in-house production processes, contact us today.