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Invest in the Future! Finch Restorations Suggests Classic Cars for Adelaide and the Rest of SA.

The future is unclear - a hazy collection of possibilities and potentials, all wrapped tightly around a nagging fear of what’s next? To counter this fear many Australians seek to invest their dollars, hoping to ensure financial independence. They toss their money toward fine antiques and finer jewellery, stamp collections and ceramics. These items should yield great rewards.

However, these rewards are meagre when compared to classic vehicles. Those wishing to secure their futures should consider Bentleys instead of Baroque paintings - and allow Finch Restorations to then properly maintain these investments.

Finch Restorations: About Us

In 1965 Finch Restorations was founded, offering Mount Gambler drivers superior repair services and towing. Since then the company has expanded, introducing the entire SA region to classic car restoration and remanufacturing. It’s now a premier fabricator and coachbuilder in Australia, and its specialities include timber framing, MIG welding, and metal panelling.

An Incredible Investment: Classic Car Restoration

SA classic car restoration promises more than pristine panel work. It also offers financial security. According to a recent CNBC study, vintage vehicles achieve a 111% profit gain over five years and a 469% profit gain over 10 years. This is considerably higher than traditional investment options, such as:

  • Art: 17% five-year gain, 225% 10-year gain.
  • Jewellery: 29% five-year gain, 163% 10-year gain.
  • Wine: 45% five-year gain, 226% 10-year gain.
  • Coins: 90% five-year gain, 221% 10-year gain.
  • Watches: 49% five-year gain, 65% 10-year gain.
  • Ceramics: 43% five-year gain, 67% 10-year gain.

These numbers prove an undeniable disparity between Adelaide classic car restoration and alternative investments. They also highlight the long-term value of marque brands.

Classic Car Renovations: Our Services

SA classic car restoration delivers superior dividends. Achieving high profit margins demands more than polished casings and painted panels, however. Full-body repairs are instead needed.

To strengthen every investment utilise Finch Restorations’ many services, including:

  • Steel and aluminium fabrication.
  • MIG, TIG, Arc, and Oxyacetylene welding.
  • Custom rebuilds (including ladder chassis, space frames, and roll cages).
  • Interior woodworking.
  • Custom casting (including frames, fixings, handles, and emblems).
  • In-house machining.
  • In-house engineering.
  • Timber-frame fabrication.
  • Component repair and restoration.
  • Chassis repair and modifications.
  • ... and more!

Through these services we achieve superior results, showcasing every vintage vehicle and ensuring total-body restorations. 

For over fifty years, we’ve led the Adelaide classic car restoration scene, connecting drivers to peerless coach building and remanufacturing. Spare some room for vintage vehicles and enjoy the many advantages.