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Seeking Car Restoration Services in SA? Finch Restorations Provides Premium Results To Adelaide, All of Australia and New Zealand, and Beyond!

Modern marketing revolves around a flurry of social networks and paid advertisements, with digital channels tempting consumers toward your company. These strategies have long-since proven themselves effective. They’re not perfect, however, and you seek now to invigorate your sales - with a classic car serving as the ultimate real-world promotion.

Finch Restorations understands the importance of creative marketing, and vintage vehicles are often ideal. They steal attention and encourage smiles, which then translates into profits. To help our customers achieve their marketing goals we offer premium car restoration services to Adelaide, Crafers, Mylor, and beyond.

Finch Restorations: About Us

Founded in 1965, Finch Restorations is the premier provider of car restoration services in SA. We combine extensive marque experience with meticulous in-house skills (including woodworking, part casting, and metalworking). This ensures precise results, helping customers transform every engine with ease.

We also embrace promotional efforts. Through our exclusive body-on-chassis service we blend the past and the present, transforming classic vehicles into powerful marketing statements.

Body-On-Chassis: Phase One Of The Car Restoration Service

Looking to transform a car into a business icon? Car restoration services in Adelaide prove perfect, catching every eye with vintage style. Consider our exclusive body-on-chassis process, which can include:

  • Full rebuild or replacement of the engine.
  • Full rebuild or replacement of the mechanical systems.
  • Full-body painting (including two-pac, enamel, and acrylic finishes).
  • Full-body rust proofing.
  • Full-body under-sealing.
  • Full-body corking.

Through body-on-chassis car restoration in SA you achieve a restored look on a refurbished timeline. The process, though precise, is quick.

Body-On-Chassis: Phase two of the car Restoration Service

Vintage cars are rarely road-worthy. Therefore, using them as promotional tools can be difficult - unless drivers choose Phase Two of the body-on-chassis process. This option brings classic engineering to the modern age through:

  • New or refurbished engines.
  • New or refurbished disk brakes.
  • New or refurbished dual circuit systems.
  • Installation of air-conditioning or heating systems.
  • Installation of electric wipers.
  • Installation of seat belts.
  • Relining door panels.
  • Relining the hood.
  • Replacing window seals.
  • Replacing door seals.
  • Adding a vinyl roof.

These elements combine for superior car restoration in Adelaide, Mount Barker, and beyond. They infuse classic lines with custom performance.

Curious About Car Restoration in SA? Schedule a Consultation!

Finch Restorations understands the need for creative promotions. This is why we offer our body-on-chassis and body-off-chassis services, giving companies access to the ultimate in car restoration. Are you interested in this process? Schedule a consultation today. Our experienced technicians will happily assess your vehicle. They’ll detail potential timeframes and pricing options, and they’ll also create individualised refurbishment plans. This service is both helpful and free.

Contact Finch Restorations Today!

Discover the value of using car restorations for company branding. To learn more about our body-on-chassis process as well as our body-off-chassis process and our exclusive collector's service, contact us today.