Woodworking and Carvings

Another SS100 reproduction wood frame being built for an overseas customer. Our jigs are built from an original car restored many years ago.

Finch Restorations can undertake timber coachwork repairs, rebuilds and new-builds. We can manufacture:

  • Timber car frames - using high quality oak, Tasmanian oak, mahogany or ash wood. We have numerous jigs in-house, which we use to manufacture specific frames, such as, Jaguar SS100, Morgan, MG T series, etc. We can supply kits of full-assembled frames.
  • Timber bucks - we can build from photos, drawings, model cars, original dimensions and CAD models.
  • Interior woodwork - we can also restore or recreate door cappings, dashboards, and consoles.
  • Dashboard veneers - we can repair or manufacture dashboard veneers.
  • Trophy cases and bases - we can make bespoke cases to your specification.
  • Model cases and bases - we can make bespoke cases to your specification.
  • Replica associated vintage furnishings.
  • Abstract scrap car part sculptures.
  • Scale model wood frame of bodywork for associated car types (for owners of original car).
  • Cast car part coffee table bases with glass tops.
  • Bar interiors with car parts.
  • Bucket seat and bench seat furnishings, bar stools, retro seating, cafe seating, etc.
  • Dashboard decor.
  • Car picture carved panels and engravings.
  • Prints of cut away images of mechanical works, etc.
  • Carved lid boxes.
  • Clay car models.


Ferrari Testa Rossa replica being built on our wooden buck

Finch Restoration can build almost any panel work that a customer may require; whether it is a simple battery tray to a full body we have the in-house ability to complete the task.

Finch Restorations can fabricate panels in:

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

We can build panels, using our own formers, customer moulds, or we can build a former for the customer.

We can also build:

  • Ladder chassis
  • Semi space frame
  • Space frame
  • Roll cage
  • Custom exhaust systems


Paint Shop

Reproduction 1959 Ferrari Testarossa being built for an American customer

We are able to offer our customers any finish they require on their vehicle:

  • Two Pack
  • Enamel
  • Acrylic

We utilise a full down-draught Seetal paint booth oven to assure a quality product.

Many customers wish for the stability of the two pack finish, but require for authenticity the look of an acrylic finish - we are able to offer this service. We also offer pin-striping/coach-lines.

Our paint of choice is the Glasurit range of products. These products offer excellent paint adhesion, excellent life expectancy and excellent colour match. We are also able to paint a customer's car in any product range they may specify.

We offer a full range of rust proofing services including cavity waxing inside of panels, seam-sealing, and stone-goarding the underside of vehicles.

Using the Glasurit paint matching system, we can mix and supply pots of paint for DIY touch-ups, as well as sell clears and primers.

We offer full paint protection services including full cutting and polishing, paint conditioning and waxing.

We can also apply hard-wearing tray-liners.



Castings and Patterns

Samar Boats casting

Finch Restorations can produce patterns and models for casting a variety of automotiv and non automotive items:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle manufacturer badges.
  • Hoof mascots and hood ornaments.
  • Car, truck and motorcycle manufacturer emblems.
  • Posts.
  • Handles.
  • Fixings.
  • Frames.
  • Motif key ring holders
  • Cast car-part coffee table bases with glass tops.
  • Large automotive components such as sumps, engine blocks, heads, bell-housings, etc.

If you have a part requiring casting please contact us.